Why We Love Software Outsourcing…. And You Should, Too!


What is Outsourcing? – Well it is a practice in which a certain company provides portions of its work or assignment to another company to reduce cost. Technology has been revolutionising the way companies work. Whether it is testing, application development, mobile development etc – outsourcing has been useful in solving business problems.

So, why do we love to outsource software development? Is it just to reduce cost? Here are some of the reasons on why to opt for software outsourcing. Let’s have a look.
1. Each company is specialised in its own vertical. Outsourcing allows the benefits of supplementing IT development with skilled developers in an effective way.
2. Lack of manpower or resources can be overcome by a remote IT team offshore. Companies get the option to choose from various vendors based on the reviews.
3. Outsourcing saves the training cost and time provided to new employees.
4. It saves cost as the companies only pay for the service utilised. In fact they can save 40% – 60% of the total expense required to complete the project.
5. Vendors tendency to update their knowledge according to the requirements makes outsourcing another great option to try.
6. Due to the time difference across various geographies the IT vendors have well equipped staff who work round the clock on various assignments, thus delivering the projects on time and maximising efficiency.
7. Traditional outsourcing of software development combined with consulting provides high level of collaboration by filling the minuscule gap in the companies.
The Indian software development industry has been maturing over the years and has evidenced in the rise of high level capabilities across broad range of talents. Every organisation has issues in keeping up to the current market trends, increase productivity, keeping up with their competitors etc. All these issues can be handled by seeking advice from experts who specialise in these areas. Keeping the above points in mind, we at Xminds thrive to help our customers by providing them with full transparency and control over the project development process. We ensure the development and on time delivery of the assignments while our customers focus on their core business activities. We provide them with a broad range of specialised resources and technical skills.
The extent of software outsourcing has been significant and the trend seems likely to continue in the future. We all know that the urge to create is equally strong in all organisations. However, lets not forget that it’s the quality that counts.

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