Project Management-KISS (Keeping it straight and simple)


What are the necessary steps that a team needs to keep in mind while working on a project.
You could find plenty of articles written about Project Management.
One needs to understand what exactly does project management mean, you would find terms like Architecture, prototypes, agile methodologies, scrum and what not.
But some of the important things that needs to be mentioned what I thought important are mentioned below.
1.Getting a grasp of the requirements– Basically understanding the requirements is imperative for any project. This can be termed as the vital ingredient that the team of developers needs to keep in mind. This is the foundation in which the code could be build upon. As the general rule if the foundation is strong then what you build would also be strong.
2. Making sure your team understand what needs to be done In the usual process the after the requirements are written and discussed with the client it would be taken to the architecture board defining the architecture, database and the platform in which the development will take place. Equally important is the fact is to include and involve all your team members so that all are on the same page and would know what exactly is needed to be done.
3. The Team Being a Project Lead or a Project Manager does not mean that all that needs to be taken care of is to meet the deadline set by the team. It is important that as a PL/PM to understand and allocate tasks to each and every team member according to their strength and weaknesses. One would be good iphone apps and some would be very good at social media apps, as a leader one should understand were to fit in the right resources. How successful can be one in analyzing the members would directly provide the end results.
4. Helping the team to have more fun at workIf fun can be injected to the whole development process you would be astonished by the positive results that the team would be bring in. If the team understands that you are always there to support them rather than bossing around and if they feel that it is always good to have you around get ready for a plenty of kudos and congrats.
5. No hard and fast rule It all depends on how one can see things let it be positive or negative. Inject positive attitude to your team members. Teach them that a positive frame of mind can bring in great results.
a. Teach them the “Can do” spirit.
b. Teach them to be team player.
c. Teach them to be proactive.
This would create a healthy environment amongst the team members.
6. Do your homework and be very well prepared – The most important thing being a PM/PL be prepared for anything, expect the unexpected, expect the worst. But then take it easy, be proactive since life will throw challenges, meet them with your heart and success is yours.
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