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Every cloud-based business now requires a mobile application, and Xminds can help you 'push the edge' in terms of technological growth. Xminds has a great pool of highly competent developers to build leading apps within tight launch windows since they were at the forefront of growing technology adoption.

We have assisted several partners to harness the potential of mobile technology by choosing the ideal framework for platform portability without sacrificing features such as accelerometer, geolocation, and camera.

Why choose Xminds for mobile solutions?


Uses robust IDE’s to speed up programming


Skilled engineers in mobile technologies such as Android and iPhone


Specific UI design expertise for small screens


Offers innovative data handling techniques given limited device capability


Has extensive mobile applications implementation experience


Engineers skilled in performance benchmarking tools

What we offer?

Our startup development services include product discovery and planning, which involves a range of activities that enable us to create a solid MVP that meets your specific needs. We start by ideating with you to understand your vision and identify your goals, followed by validating your idea and researching your competitors to help you stand out in the market. From there, we move on to product designing, using our expertise to create a seamless user experience that showcases your product or service. Our approach to product discovery and planning is collaborative and focused on creating a product that resonates with your target audience and positions you for success.

Build the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in 8-10 weeks

Our MVP development process at Xminds is designed to create a functional and viable product in a short span of time. We strive to build your MVP within 8 to 10 weeks, ensuring that it is thoroughly tested and tweaked to meet your specific requirements. We focuses on creating a product that resonates with your target audience, and we work closely with you to refine and improve it based on user feedback. Once your MVP is ready, we help you get it out there in the market, enabling you to gather valuable insights that can inform your product development roadmap. Our MVP development process is agile, enabling us to iterate quickly and make changes as needed.

Product Launch Strategy

At Xminds, we understand that a successful product launch requires a comprehensive strategy that includes marketing, PR, and outreach to key stakeholders. Our team can work with you to develop a launch plan that positions your product for success. We'll help you create a marketing and PR strategy that reaches your target audience, engages them with your product, and generates buzz and excitement around your launch. We'll also work with you to identify key stakeholders, such as investors and influencers, and develop outreach strategies that can help you gain traction and drive adoption.

We love to listen to your requirements

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