With love – The Mango Revolution



A smartphone is the digital gateway to the outer world of technology.

In today’s world we have multiple choice of gateways to choose from. Some with a high wall of security, such as Blackberry whereas some with an extra kick such as iPhone. We all know what led to Sir Issac Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation – an apple. In this 21st century another fruit has opened the path to a new realm of user experience – Mango. Now the natives of God’s own country are offering another gateway which provides a rather additional kick – 3D.

Mphone originated and developed by a group of Keralites with a whooping investment of Rs. 3500 crore has launched in the Indian market with a promise of Korean technology assistance. While the usual suspects thrive to compete with ‘ What Next? ‘ question in the market, the Augustine’s from Wayanad district, Kerala have indeed planned to give their users a rather different level of smartphone experience – The 4G with 3D effect.

With their R&D division in Korea, Mphone stands as the first company to launch 3D smartphones globally. The 3D features do not require special glasses to create the effect.

With price ranging from Rs. 12k to Rs. 40k, the handset comes with a metal case and is equipped with gravity sensor and proximity sensor. Below are some of its features:

Battery: Up to 4000 mAh
Camera: Up to 21 Mega Pixel
Front Camera: Up to 8 Mega Pixel
RAM: Up to 4GB
Internal Memory: Up to 64 GB
Expandable Memory: Up to 128 GB
Operating System:  Android 5.1 or Android 6.0

The smartphone is said to be good for up to 330 hrs of battery life on stand-by and 14 hours of talk time (on selective models). It has been reported that the company has signed the two legends – Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan as their brand ambassadors.

The purchase can be made directly from the website. Apart from this the company has appointed around 150 dealers and service centres in India.

This again proves the fact that the graph of the Indian start-up industry is eying a phenomenal growth. Presently it is hard to say that Mphone would be a tough competition for iPhone or for other smartphone players in the market, however with India now climbing the ladder to become the largest smartphone market globally, it surely will attract the most attention.

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