The iPhone 5 – Is it really the biggest thing to happen to iPhone ?


Last week we promised to run a post about the features of the iPhone. But I decided to add my own tweak to it. There’re so many articles about the phone’s features that we didn’t want to add to it. Here’s what we think about the iPhone5:

Apple is really good at putting up the captions. Take the new iPhone 5’s caption for instance – “The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone.” But the question is, if iPhone 5 is the best thing apple can come up with right now considering the huge competition from the android arena, especially from Samsung? The public reception of the features of the new iPhone is not so exciting. Unavailability of Google maps, and very poor integrated maps app that is bundled with the iPhone is forcing many make a second thought from saying “Wow” to the iPhone 5. Here is a nice iPhone 5 parody which made me LMAO . Even here, the maps is criticized along with Apple’s approach in bringing only tweaks such as a bigger screen, a lighter design and a faster connectivity to the new iPhone. Still no widgets? Come on apple, we are all bored to see the same old boring menu screen on the iPhone AND the iPad since 2007.

Does this mean you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 5?

Poor maps integration and the absence of widgets are just the 2 things that seem to be really missed by many of them. Apart from these two features, iPhone 5 is still a class apart its competitors.  The design of the iPhone 5 is completely brilliant. The increased screen size doesn’t make it uncomfortable to hold as in Samsung’s Galaxy note or the S III. And the build quality of this perfectly crafted iPhone is simply superb. Check out this video of a drop test comparison between the new iPhone and Samsung galaxy S III where the S III is shattered while the new comer stay bullet proof. For the design and the build quality, this is the best one you can get in this planet.

Other best features include the faster A6 chip which is claimed to offer a better battery life to the already best scores set by the predecessor. Now about the camera, the perfect iSight camera now has the capability to take panoramic shots. The redesigned ear buds doesn’t have much for a story to tell but if you are a music lover, you are gonna love the new ear phones. Apart from these, there isn’t much to say about the new iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 doesn’t seem much because the iPhone 4S was the best already and Apple had to make the best “better”

Certainly iPhone 5 isn’t the biggest thing to happen to iPhone but it has filled the missing feature gaps of the previous iPhone and simply became perfect!

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