Should you share your start up idea – YES or NO


One of the many questions that has raised a million eyebrow as to whether an idea should be shared or not across to the world.
While many would be pondering on the question, experts and tech start up enthusiasts suggests that one should not hesitate in expressing the idea.  Create a prototype (Minimum Viable Product) and share it among your closed ones, this would help in knowing whether the idea is good or bad or even whether it is unique.
When an idea is presented before a VC (Venture Capitalist) you would never find them signing any NDA before it is presented to them.
It is important to validate the idea before you go in to actual software development, so one would be thinking how an idea can be validated.
1.Create a prototype
2.Share it among family and friends
3.Get feedback
Once you receive the feedback you would know whether to proceed or not, if you don’t get positive feedbacks you might need to identify or explore new ones. If the feedbacks are positive then:-
1.Passion – Success is about passion, not the unique opportunity. Need to ask a lot of questions yourself and do a plenty of research. All this is possible only with true passion and this is the only thing that would take you across the line.
2.Refining –  Refine the idea and the way to implement it would be based on the initial feedback.
3.Implementation – It is very difficult to copy a great implementation process. Keep in mind the timing of proposing the idea to the world should be appropriate.
4.Get it out there – . In fact, the ideal way would be to get some small (bug free) version out there to get feedback immediately.
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