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As the number of smart phone users continues to increase at a rate faster than ever, most people are looking for applications that can make their daily life easy and fun. If you were looking for applications that are essential for your smartphone, take a look at the list of apps for every occasion that make your smartphone smarter than ever.

  • Wall Street Journal Mobile Reader app : What can be a better way to keep yourself updated with the latest event and news than Wall Street Journal application. You can get all the latest news along with live updates and market facts with this single application, and not to forget, this is a free app.
  • Google Maps : For travel and navigation, nothing can beat Google Maps in terms of popularity and functions. This is a complete free application that promises services all around the world, and there are no extra charges or hidden costs involved. One smartphone application that you just cannot avoid is this one.
  • Opera Mini : No matter whether you have an iPhone or an entry level smartphone, Opera Mini is one of the most popular web browsing applications to have. It has been updated recently with an added desktop functionality. Again, this is a free app that helps get access to websites and web addresses at a recommendable speed.
  • Whatsapp messenger : Among the varied kinds of cross-platform chat applications, Whatsapp messenger is one service that still maintains and retains its stand. It is available for Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and iOS and allows you to share audio, video and location right from your phone along with their known instant messaging service.
  • Instagram : If you have been using Twitter, you must have seen how people post pictures from an app called Instagram. This is a perfect photo editing application that allows you to edit your pictures and share them on various social networking sites. What makes this a must have app is the easy-to-use interface and numerous editing functions.
  • Dropbox : The task of managing and synchronizing files between smartphones remains a complicated task, even after the fact that smartphones today are much advanced than ever. With Dropbox you can share anything between smartphones, just like you could do with the same application for your computer. The app is ready for use for iOs, Android and Blackberry platforms.

With these apps on your smartphone, you can keep up with your needs and social circles anytime you want. Almost all the above apps are cross platform apps, which means you can use them for Android, iPhone, or other platforms. There are individual apps that are similar for each platform that you may check. After all, smartphones are meant to make your life easier and faster!

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