Life as a Startup Entrepreneur


They are more important to you than you are to them
I happened to read this wonderful blog by Chris Lynch, the CEO of Thoughtful.
He has mainly pointed out the difference between a tech and a sales guy and how one takes rejection.
I really enjoyed reading it and thought would share my views on how an entrepreneur should take rejection.
The first step would be
1. Reject me I LOVE IT attitude – A sales guy would go through end number of NO’s to reach YES. For the sales guy its just part of the job and moves on. As a startup entrepreneur you may not be happy hearing NO from an investor. It can happen but you can learn plenty of things from the meeting with an investor even if it did not go well. Brush up and get ready for the next presentation.
2. Go read some books like Reject Me I love It, The greatest salesman in the world and also read the story “shake it and step up
Cheer up dude success is around the corner 🙂

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