iGotYa app catches thief


Losing your iPhone is a terrible experience. Don’t worry anymore, as now we can not only find out who stole your iPhone, but also where they are located. The iGotYa app does this by taking a photo of people who enter a wrong lockscreen passcode in your iPhone.
Now, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal a iPhone thief has been identified thanks to the iGotYa app that took the thief’s picture and emailed it to the iPhone owner along with the iPhone’s current GPS coordinates. The iGotYa app took the thief’s picture as he tried to unlock the iphone. (Unknown to the thief, the iPhone owner had installed the iGotYa app in her iPhone).
The iGotYa app is the most sought-after app now, thanks to the above news.
iGotYa works with the standard native iOS passcode lock system. After setting up, if your lockscreen passcode is tampered with, it will snap a picture of the person who is trying to use or steal it and sends the picture along with the GPS location to your email address. However, iGotYa will require Wi-Fi or 3G to send this information to you.
iGotYa is priced at $6 with a free 10-day trial available.

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