How to promote your Start Up to investors and to be visible in the market?


If there were some simple rules on how to pitch successfully to investors, as a startup entrepreneur the first and foremost choice would be to attend events and create a presence in the market.
Burt Hammer, founder and CEO of Hydrovolts who is creating a lot of buzz had attended numerous events and won plenty of awards. It would be ideal if every new entrepreneur can attend as much as events possible to promote their startups.
We tried to gather as much as details regarding startup events and meet ups, hope this helps.  If there are more please feel free to add them.
Europe Start Up events!/interesting
US – Washington!/event…………
San Fransico
Hacker News’s “Work at a startup” event (by invitation)
TechCrunch after parties
The Launch Silicon Valley conference

New York

Arts, Culture and Technology Meetup:
Food + Tech Meetup:
Hack & Tell Meetup:…
Hacks/Hackers Meetup:
NYC Lean Startup Meetup:
NYC Tech Talks Meetup:…
NY Nightowls Meetup:
NY Tech Meetup:!/hackersfounders

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