Google announces new mobile ad format


Google has announced that they have introduced new mobile ad formats. Google now offers 3 more additions to its mobile marketing offerings that will help companies producing shopper-friendly content boost their visibility.
Among the new ad formats are:
Search ads in mobile apps: Lots of mobile apps give people the ability to search for information. Custom Search Ads for mobile apps provide relevant answers, for people searching within a mobile app. Custom Search Ads will also help app developers earn more money to fund their apps and grow their businesses on mobile.
For example, a user might go to Yelp to find a restaurant and be served an ad for a local establishment.

Click to Download: This ad format helps consumers searching for information about an app, linking them directly to the App Store or Android Marketplace to download. Now, app developers can include app icons and information about the app in their ad unit so that people can make more informed decisions about whether they want to download the app.
For example, an ad for Angry Birds would take you directly to a link where you could get the app.
Mobile App Extensions: This new, beta ad unit lets Advertisers use mobile search ads to direct people to a page within a mobile app already installed on their Mobile phone.
For example, if someone searches for sneakers on a mobile device, they might see an ad that takes them directly into a shopping app they have installed on their phone.
Check Video of the above announcement below:

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