Did An Apple Mole Just Leak Out an iPhone6?


A few days ago the blogosphere reported that Apple may be planning to release the iPhone 6 (or probably the iPhone5S) really soon.  Speculations are rife that the next big thing in the iPhone series could probably be around this year, keeping with Apple’s traditions there has to be a new product this year as well.
Besides, let’s face it … the iPhone5 wasn’t even half as exciting as its predecessors. Tim Cook and his team are under tremendous pressure to come up with something unique and exciting. And this time around, they have to make sure that the dreaded Maps issue has been sorted out.
While some say that iPhone5 sales are record breaking, there are others who say they’re even half as exciting as the previous models. And each team seems to be pulling stats left right and centre to prove their point.
Times have changed from the days when the Company launched its first iPhone in 2007. Back then, competition was nonexistent, but today, things have changed. The iPhone5 with its screen size of 4.5 inches isn’t too impressive comparing to the screen size of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.8) or the Samsung Note (5.5). Sales of both these smart phones have proved that people are indeed happy with a bigger screen size. But that does not certainly mean that the taller versions are likely to be accepted. Wider screens are useful to type and read, but taller phones are uncomfortable to hold and talk as well.
The Company also needs to review its pricing policy. Agreed that Apple products come with a premium tag, and you pay for the quality. But it doesn’t really make sense to pay so much money for an iPhone when it can be replaced with an Android version (a better one) in another six months after the release of the iPhone version!
Among the list of innovations expected in the next version, there is a high possibility that they’re planning to introduce the Wireless Power Utilization system where it is possible wirelessly charge your phone with the help of a near-field magnetic resource.
So let’s just wait until news comes straight from the horse’s mouth!

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