2 interesting iPhone apps


Apple’s newest iPhone was launched.
In this Blog, I would like to showcase two Interesting iPhone apps.
Vital sign monitoring app

Researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute led by Ki Chon are turning smart phones, and eventually tablet devices, into sophisticated medical monitors able to capture and transmit vital physiological data.
The application, analyzes video clips recorded while the patient’s fingertip is pressed against the lens of the phone’s camera. As the camera’s light penetrates the skin, it reflects off of pulsing blood in the finger. So the video camera shines light onto and through the skin of a finger, and the light is reflected back and captured on the video clip. The application then analyzes the data in that video clip to report the vital signs. The application, processes the data from the video clip, and displays the vital signs in the phone’s screen.
The vital signs measured by the apps are heart rate, heart rhythm, respiration rate and blood oxygen saturation. The results show that the vital sign app gives results as accurate as the devices used in hospitals.
iPhone App Can Fly Unmanned Aircraft
Researchers from Boeing and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a prototype application that allows someone to fly a miniature unmanned aircraft from an iPhone.
The above technology may be applied to remotely control Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used by the US military in reconnaissance missions. The researchers have successfully tested an iPhone application that uses the device’s touch interface to navigate a mini-UAV as part of the Boeing project.
According to Boeing, the benefit of remote control of UAVs via an iPhone is that the application can be used to control UAVs sent for dangerous missions.

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