HTML5 Application Development

HTML5 has made quite a splash since its introduction and looks likely to become the ‘standard’ for web applications.

The Xminds RIA team offers best practices in HTML5 application design and development. Having experience in implementing HTML5 and CSS3, we can offer you solutions that will meet your application requirements. With HTML5 services, we can enable your website to be compatible with mobile phones and tablets.

HTML5 mobile application development costs significantly less than native mobile application development. Xminds can help you to achieve true cross-platform mobile compatibility with web applications that support offline access, gestures and take advantage of device functions, such as location-based services. All the advantages of native mobile applications!

Xminds allocates great importance on implementing our client’s business strategies in the appropriate manner. Our team is responsible for researching the latest software releases, testing new technologies and knowledge sharing. The apps we design are user-friendly, compelling and interactive.

Why choose HTML5?

  • Offline application cache
  • Semantic coding
  • Client-side database
  • Geo-location support
  • Smarter forms
  • Improved accessibility and consistency
  • Richer media elements
  • Improved SEO

When to use HTML5?

  • Need audio or video processing
  • Support for mobile and tablets
  • Cross browser support
  • Cross platform game development
  • Need interactive elements in the application