How to develop a website


Developing a website.

1. Plan
2. Progress
3. Prototype
4. Persist
Plan – Why do you want to create the website. The aim here is to identify the purpose of creating the website. Are you going to offer a particular web service or are you going to sell any particular web product. Answering this question would most probably give you the vision statement. The longer you ponder around this question the better clarity you get. You should be able to define your aim about your service and provide great information about the service that you offer.

Progress –  Think from the user perspective, so if you were in the user’s shoe would you utilize a service like this.
What is in it for the users?
What are the benefits that they would get out of your website?
What is that they would gain?
What is would you gain?
This would give you an idea to specifically place yourself in the web industry.

1. List the features
2. Write user stories
3. Create wireframes
4. Create user interface
5. Database Design
6. Start development
7. Test
8. Fix
9. Release

If you have an idea and want to be visible launch as early as possible. Do not wait for the right opportunity, if you do so the window of opportunity might close. So do it fast. Keep adding new features after the initial launch and keep ahead in the industry with new methods of providing your service. Keep innovating and persist until you succeed.

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