Social Analytics

The reach of the social channels offers a platform that was previously unimaginable to business marketing teams. Social Intelligence now allows businesses to listen to user conversations and also help them gauge the mood of the conversation. This information gives necessary business intelligence and also tells who are the influencers and how to engage them in favor of your business. This helps brands and businesses to be proactive and engage their customers in promoting them.

Xminds offers the right formula to get applications from concept to the existence and ultimately to the viral stage by using innovative business intelligence tools. Our understanding of the digital conversations enables us to consolidate online data so that businesses will get a 360-degree view of their customers and can present them with what they are looking for.

How we do it?

  1. Listen and monitor digital conversations
  2. Identify and engage social influencers
  3. Reward loyal customers
  4. Categorize users by list and group
  5. Create a platform for customers to reach brands
  6. Identifying trends in the customer base and target the right audience
  7. Ensuring social media messaging is consistent with the brand image
  8. Centralizing customer-related communications

Xminds SA Mastery

  • Apphera is a powerful and comprehensive platform focused on discovering and organizing the social media chatter that happens in real-time, turning it intotargeted actions that enable brands to build and manage engaging and long-lasting customer relationships.
  • OSMM is an open source web-based tool based used to monitor keywords on Twitter and Facebook. This platform will help brands identify the top influencers and will let them engage with those people directly.