Business Ideas During COVID-19

These are tough times. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and the future looks uncertain, at least for now. People are afraid that they could lose their jobs since the economy is going down the drain as well. We have always believed in becoming independent when it comes to finances… Continue reading »

How SaaS Companies Can Boost Revenue During COVID-19?

The world is officially closed. The coronavirus pandemic has affected various variables in the supply and demand equation, resulting in an unprecedented economic slowdown. Businesses across the globe are facing the heat as consumers are channelling their spending towards things that are crucial to their survival. It’s time SaaS companies start re-thinking about the business-customer… Continue reading »

62697100 Facebook Users in India! But Does That Translate into Business?

Yes, you heard that right! When it comes to numbers, India comes 3rd in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by country. Although that’s just around 5% (and a little more)  of the Indian population the numbers are still huge. Not surprising to me because almost everyone I know (and I don’t live in a… Continue reading »