How Hackers Are Using Security AI to Beat Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a big help to our modern world, but at the same time, it starts to become a threat. Cybercriminals are starting to take advantage of this technology to get into protected systems. They have found ways to create malware that are similar to the activities of cybersecurity AI. Now, this… Continue reading »

Xminds Recognized on Clutch as a Top Web Developer in India

In today’s digital-first economy, the importance of cutting edge digital solutions has never been greater, increasing the importance of the people that provide them. From apps that people love to web solutions that drive business, our team of expert developers are happy to help firms of all shapes and sizes. As we have worked hard to… Continue reading »

A guide to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are in trend everywhere, including newspapers and blogging sites. Thanks to this widespread coverage, these two terms are used interchangeably. Most people still get AI and ML wrong, even professionals in the IT domain. However, with the increased demand for ML and AI professionals, it is vital that people understand… Continue reading »

5 Practices Every Project Manager Should Perform Regularly

If you think that having brilliant ideas and being a visionary is going to make you a good project manager, then you better think again. Truth be told, it’s not that those traits are unwanted, but in order to thrive as a project manager, you will need to focus on developing more useful skills. Here’s… Continue reading »

Hybrid V/s Native Mobile Applications… The Dummies Guide

Hola !!! The first question to ask is, what are hybrid apps and native apps? Hybrid mobile apps are like any other apps you’ll find on your phone. They install on your device. You can find them in app stores. Like websites on the internet, hybrid apps are also built with a combination of web… Continue reading »