Now Android apps can run on your PC

If you do not own an Android device & you wanted to access an Android app, you can do it now (from your PC) by using BlueStacks App Player. i.e., BlueStacks App Player lets Windows users to access apps only available for the Android platform. BlueStacks app player is free software that lets Windows users… Continue reading »

50% of Web sales will come via social, mobile apps by 2015

As much as 50% of a company’s Web sales will come through social and mobile applications by 2015, according to Gartner. The increase will come as e-commerce vendors offer context-aware, mobile-based applications. Gartner said further: Gartner analysts discussed the future of e-commerce at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, taking place here through today. As the number of mobile… Continue reading »

Startups, Incubation, Acceleration. Are you Lost too ?

Facebook, Zynga, Foursquare have become house hold names today. There’s a certain excitement in running one’s own business, the charm of being an entrepreneur, the thrill of managing a team; but with every startup comes a set of hurdles and challenges. Before getting all thrilled about running a startup, it’s essential to understand the naked… Continue reading »

Google announces new mobile ad format

Google has announced that they have introduced new mobile ad formats. Google now offers 3 more additions to its mobile marketing offerings that will help companies producing shopper-friendly content boost their visibility. Among the new ad formats are: • Search ads in mobile apps: Lots of mobile apps give people the ability to search for… Continue reading »

Mobile apps, set to become HTML5 web apps

HTML5 is a language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web. HTML5 will enable a more open & democratic mobile web. HTML5 is the latest innovation of the Web. Mobile application is an application software, developed for Mobile phone, whereas a web application is an application that can be accessed over the… Continue reading »

Are you ready to start a new business ?

One of the common mistakes made by entrepreneurs is assuming they have just come up with a unique idea that is going to save the world from a common problem. They get so passionate about the idea that they often forget to validate this with their target audience. This results in them building something that… Continue reading »

Orkut then, Facebook now !

Did you know that Orkut & Facebook were launched almost at the same time ? Orkut was launched on January 22, 2004 & Facebook on 4th February 2004. A Google engineer named Orkut Buyukkokten, developed Orkut as part of the 20% time granted by Google to its employees to work on independent projects. Mark Zuckerberg… Continue reading »

iPhone sales & iPhone Application development

On June 6, Steve Jobs made his last public appearance as Apple Computer’s CEO to demonstrate new features of the iPhone. iPhone is really an apple of everyone’s eyes. The reason behind the popularity of iPhones is the capability and capacity with which they work. No other handset has jump-started mobile application market as much… Continue reading »

98 billion mobile applications will be downloaded in 2015

Research firm Berg Insight has forecast that the number of apps downloaded across the world will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 56.6 percent between 2010 and 2015, taking the total to 98 billion at the end of the period. It said: Berg Insight estimates that revenues from paid applications, in-app purchases and… Continue reading »

Importance of creating a Mobile application for online businesses

In the previous Blog I talked about “Why Mobile Applications?” In this Blog, I will talk about the importance of creating a mobile application for Online Businesses. Mobile apps development makes the Smartphone to behave as a laptop. With the help of mobile application, a business can easily reach the customer. It is possible for… Continue reading »