How to make an addictive mobile application

If there were a secret recipe to make an addictive and revenue generating mobile application, would you use it, the answer would be a resounding “YES” …….Unfortunately there is no secret recipe to develop an addictive mobile application. But if you look closely at all those mobile applications that have been hugely successful, they would… Continue reading »

“It’s not the idea that is unique but the way you implement it”

In many ways the dream of every wannabe entrepreneur is the same. They all think that their idea is a million dollar one and will top the list of NASDAQ in a short span of time. But the question is how many really survive in this battle? Let’s take Orkut for instance. Orkut started a few months… Continue reading »

Do you need a mobile application to stay competitive?

Number of mobile applications in each stores Google Play, App store, Windows and Blackberry continues to rise with the front-runners being Google Play and App Store. Having a share in the market place, Blackberry and Windows have a lot of catching up to do and that is going to be very interesting the coming years.… Continue reading »

Why We Love Software Outsourcing…. And You Should, Too!

What is Outsourcing? – Well it is a practice in which a certain company provides portions of its work or assignment to another company to reduce cost. Technology has been revolutionising the way companies work. Whether it is testing, application development, mobile development etc – outsourcing has been useful in solving business problems. So, why… Continue reading »

Restaurant App from Next Big Idea…

Running a restaurant business could be complicated. A passionate Restaurant owner would cherish the day-to-day challenges and keep improving on how a better service can be delivered to the customers. The rush time of the restaurant is one that any owner would love and this “time” is the backbone for any restaurant. To deliver high… Continue reading »

With love – The Mango Revolution

A smartphone is the digital gateway to the outer world of technology. In today’s world we have multiple choice of gateways to choose from. Some with a high wall of security, such as Blackberry whereas some with an extra kick such as iPhone. We all know what led to Sir Issac Newton’s Law of Universal… Continue reading »

Ho Ho Ho…Happy 2016

Walking towards the new year we’d like to pause for few minutes to say “Thank You” to all our customers for their business.  We are grateful for your support and trust. The past year has been eventful and indeed another great one for us at Xminds. We sustained, tested ideas, sucked at couple of things,… Continue reading »

RISE 2015 – Hong Kong

   RISE 2015 The 2015 RISE event kick started on July 31st, 2015 in Hong Kong. The event was for two days and it was amazing to be around some cool startups and some great speakers too. Hats off to the CEO of RISE, Paddy & team for organising such a great event and it… Continue reading »

Farewell, Oh Missile Man !

” All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have equal opportunity to develop our talents“ These were the words of the Missile Man, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, a great visionary who never rested thinking and dedicated his life to make India one of the powerful nations in the… Continue reading »

Did An Apple Mole Just Leak Out an iPhone6?

A few days ago the blogosphere reported that Apple may be planning to release the iPhone 6 (or probably the iPhone5S) really soon.  Speculations are rife that the next big thing in the iPhone series could probably be around this year, keeping with Apple’s traditions there has to be a new product this year as well.… Continue reading »