A guide to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are in trend everywhere, including newspapers and blogging sites. Thanks to this widespread coverage, these two terms are used interchangeably. Most people still get AI and ML wrong, even professionals in the IT domain. However, with the increased demand for ML and AI professionals, it is vital that people understand… Continue reading »

Market Hunting and Marketing

“A plain fresh bread, its crust shatteringly crisp. Sweet cold butter. There is a magic in the way they come together in your mouth to make a single perfect bite”- well said by Ruth Reichl. This has an immense undertaking in the arena of the market, a zone where the possible transaction of money and… Continue reading »

5 Practices Every Project Manager Should Perform Regularly

If you think that having brilliant ideas and being a visionary is going to make you a good project manager, then you better think again. Truth be told, it’s not that those traits are unwanted, but in order to thrive as a project manager, you will need to focus on developing more useful skills. Here’s… Continue reading »

Hybrid V/s Native Mobile Applications… The Dummies Guide

Hola !!! The first question to ask is, what are hybrid apps and native apps? Hybrid mobile apps are like any other apps you’ll find on your phone. They install on your device. You can find them in app stores. Like websites on the internet, hybrid apps are also built with a combination of web… Continue reading »

Survey for online assistant for sales & meetings

We are conducting a survey of people who are in the sales profession on their challenges and how they go about their sales process in winning deals. Do let us know your honest opinions on the below questions. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Click here to start the survey  

Wireframe your “IDEA”

  Mockup using Balsamiq It all begins with an idea in mind, often asked question how do we write specifications or wireframes and why do we need to write one? All one has to do is to share the idea with a custom software development company and the rest will be taken care of, there… Continue reading »

How much does it cost to develop a Mobile App ?

Today almost everyone owns a smartphone and I can bet most you reading this would have played Angry birds, Temple run and other most popular games. Not alone games but also apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whats app and so on. Mobile apps are categorized into Games Utility apps Fun apps Social media apps etc Now… Continue reading »

How to make an addictive mobile application

If there were a secret recipe to make an addictive and revenue generating mobile application, would you use it, the answer would be a resounding “YES” …….Unfortunately there is no secret recipe to develop an addictive mobile application. But if you look closely at all those mobile applications that have been hugely successful, they would… Continue reading »

“It’s not the idea that is unique but the way you implement it”

In many ways the dream of every wannabe entrepreneur is the same. They all think that their idea is a million dollar one and will top the list of NASDAQ in a short span of time. But the question is how many really survive in this battle? Let’s take Orkut for instance. Orkut started a few months… Continue reading »

Do you need a mobile application to stay competitive?

Number of mobile applications in each stores Google Play, App store, Windows and Blackberry continues to rise with the front-runners being Google Play and App Store. Having a share in the market place, Blackberry and Windows have a lot of catching up to do and that is going to be very interesting the coming years.… Continue reading »