micro ISV

An attempt to identify the list of companies that were successfully run by single owners. Some of the companies that are/were operated gotocert alone by the founder and that too profitably, later on they added more people to the team.  There could be more and it would be great if you could add them here.… Continue reading »

Crossing over your thoughts.

There exists a very thin line between smart and over-smart. Smart one gives the result while over-smart gives the vision of the result. A smart employee completes the given work within time with fine quality but an over-smart employee portrays completeness of the work within time. Similarly there is a very thin line between decision… Continue reading »

Does good project mean good output.

With the implementation of LPG; liberalization, privatization C2010-657 and globalization and incensing competition, the service industry has boosted up to an unexpected level. Earlier, the industry used to have people assigned to particular tasks but with the growth of technology, expertise in the particular field became a benefit over time. Success of the business depends… Continue reading »

Challenges in closing a project development (Is the end always the end or a new beginning)

When a project matures and you see it as conclusion of a project, it actually is not closing of the project. It is like an inauguration of a new project. An accomplished project gives ideas of new projects where data can be used as a record for the upcoming projects. Fiscally, it helps in scheming… Continue reading »

Get only what you want through Minimum Viable Product

The are plenty of software, applications available in the internet. Some are designed as a template with add-ons so that it can be modified according to the user’s required specifications. These add-ons not only guzzle the user’s space but can result with plenty of bugs in the software/application. The solution to this subject is to develop… Continue reading »