How to promote your Start Up to investors and to be visible in the market?

If there were some simple rules on how to pitch successfully to investors, as a startup entrepreneur the first and foremost choice would be to attend events and create a presence in the market. Burt Hammer, founder and CEO of Hydrovolts who is creating a lot of buzz had attended numerous events and won plenty… Continue reading »


Poll: Which companies would be thriving after 20 to 30 years from now.

7 Important Tips For An Entrepreneur.

1. Goal – As an entrepreneur one needs to have a goal. The goal could be an idea or a product that would be helpful for the internet/web world/ social media C4040-123 user as a whole. Having defined goal would help the entrepreneur reach the destination with a plan, without a strong goal it would… Continue reading »

Life as a Startup Entrepreneur

They are more important to you than you are to them I happened to read this wonderful blog by Chris Lynch, the CEO of Thoughtful. He has mainly pointed out the difference between a tech and a sales guy and how one takes rejection. I really enjoyed reading it and thought would share my views… Continue reading »

Development Team for Start Up

Idea – The best option to kick start an idea is to follow the lean model, lean model comprises of the (Minimum Viable Product) approach in which you release early and release often. This often maximizes the chance of success by getting as much as feedback as possible and as soon as possible.   Design –… Continue reading »

iOs V/s Android

As Steve Jobbs mentioned in his Stanford commencement address to do what you love and follow your heart no matter what. Even if there are some hassles, if you follow your heart it would definitely take you to your goal. It is exactly true with him that he is traveling the path he loves and… Continue reading »

Software Development – New methods

Traditional software development In traditional software methodologies we adapt the waterfall, the spiral or the Rational Unified Process (RUP) depending on the nature of the project.  The waterfall approach, the most popular of traditional models, is a disciplined, sequential approach to software development. The lifecycle starts with a requirements phase resulting in a requirements specification. Development… Continue reading »

Treasure within 2 km

We talk about software development, project management, time lines, delivery and so on all the time. But now something more fascinating has happened during the last few weeks and its none other than the treasure that was unveiled in Lord Padmanabha’s Temple. We can view the top of the Padmanabha temple from our office. It… Continue reading »

Myths about Project management

One of my earlier blog was around project management, but some of my friends after reading it suggested that it was too good to be true. They were of the thought that the points mentioned in the blog will not work exactly in the same manner in the real world. I asked them why not?? Opportunities… Continue reading »

Project Management-KISS (Keeping it straight and simple)

What are the necessary steps that a team needs to keep in mind while working on a project. You could find plenty of articles written about Project Management. One needs to understand what exactly does project management mean, you would find terms like Architecture, prototypes, agile methodologies, scrum and what not. But some of the… Continue reading »