How to build an online marketplace

What should you keep in mind before starting an online market place? Checkout this article.

AI influence on our daily life

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a branch of computer science that combines many disciplines with the goal of developing smart devices and systems capable of executing complicated tasks that typically require human intelligence, but at a level that meets or exceeds human capabilities. Artificial intelligence is used in a variety of ways in our daily lives.… Continue reading »

What is all the hype about NFTs?

NFTs have taken the art world by storm — and they’re still making news. Over the last year, the surge in their sales has created a wild, lucrative market worth more than $24 billion. Is this emerging technology just pricey digital art, or could it alter the way we live? Thousands of artists work every… Continue reading »

Future of social media under the ownership of rich people

The elite’s ambition to influence the flow of information among the masses is an age-old one. Recently Elon Musk acquired Twitter for a whopping $44 billion. In the past years, we have seen billionaires investing in news media companies. The Boston Globe is owned by sports billionaire John Henry. Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest individual, controls… Continue reading »

Evolution of Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized virtual currency (or cryptocurrency) that is not subject to the whims of central banks or national governments. Even though there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in circulation today, Bitcoin is by far the most popular. Bitcoin’s origins began in 2008 when an unknown person or organization is known only by the… Continue reading »

What is the Role of Metaverse in the Future of Fintech?

Metaverse is set to change the banking industry forever. Keep reading as we share the possible impacts of the metaverse on how financial institutions function! Introduction The Fintech industry has some work cut out this year since the metaverse is slowly emerging as one of the most innovative technologies for customers. Leaders in the banking… Continue reading »

Digital Marketing Techniques for an App Development Company

Day by day the importance and demand for Apps are increasing. As the demand increase, the need for the right digital marketing strategy also increases. The majority of the buying decisions are happening based on online research, so it’s very important to make a good online presence. Focusing more on building healthy brand awareness will… Continue reading »

Clutch Announces XMinds Infotech as India’s Top-Performing IT Services Company for 2022

Looking for the top agile team that can assist you through your growth journey? Wondering what platform or solution can best serve your operation needs? Here at Xminds Infotech, we understand IT and what businesses need. Located in Thiruvananthapuram, India, our team has a proven track record of delivering impeccable solutions to companies from all… Continue reading »

Is Dedicated Mobile App For Business Overrated Or Underrated?

Mobile app usage has substantially risen all around the globe, whether it is for entertainment purposes, health & wellbeing, gaming, booking tickets or making reservations, etc. You name it, and boom, there’s an app. There were approximately 3.5 billion smartphones by 2020 end, and 1.4 billion were sold only in 2020. Now you can imagine… Continue reading »

How to Design an Educational Website: Types, Features, and Cost

Many users and companies are attracted to online education because of its obvious advantages like better time management and flexibility of learning hours. Educational website development can make the learning process more exciting and effective by bringing features powered with AR and AI technology.  Online education statistics (Source: EducationData) Let’s consider the main benefits of online… Continue reading »