Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Software vendors are all moving to the web and transforming their key offerings and products to support the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. SaaS and On-Demand software solutions bring a number of benefits for their end customers such as steady revenue streams, access to untapped markets and reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO). With their end users now being service users, software vendors can also engage more closely with them, understand requirements & deliver features and services that are closer to customer needs.

However, the move for enabling, running and managing a successful web business model comes with its own set of complexities. Xminds understands this complexity and helps you simplify your move to the web.

Why choose XMinds for Web based Solutions?

XMinds uses:
  • State of the art development platforms & tools
  • Domain knowledge & domain related investments at the start of each project
  • Mature & continuously improving design and programming techniques
  • Continuous & complete project management working in concert with the client
  • Expert Java core committee to preview design & programming activities



Java is the primary platform used for product development at XMinds. We exploit the scalability, extensibility, interoperability and portability of the J2EE framework to develop solutions to suit various business needs. Our solutions are in Swing, JSP, Servlets, Java Beans, EJB, RMI and CORBA using J2EE/MVC architecture. The team has expertise in a wide range of database servers, XML processing, XML databases, e-mail technologies and messaging services.


If you are looking to develop low cost-high performance web applications or websites, then XMinds PHP team services will be right for you. Our expert and dedicated PHP development team, who believe in building state of the art applications, will help build quality web applications for you. Our Design & Development practices are based on Software Engineering principles to help develop solutions that are extremely maintainable, while still being scalable. We achieve this using Object Oriented PHP 5 Development Practices, and a multi-threaded environment to make efficient applications. The XMinds PHP Team has successfully delivered myriad projects including Websites, Web Applications, Enterprise Systems, Ecommerce Portals, and Blogs.

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