Software Testing / QA Services

Software Testing / QA services

Every application comes with its share of flaws and bugs which can only be identified by proper testing. These applications operate in a very dynamic environment with rapid release cycle modes. This is where software testing comes into play ensuring that the application is reliable and able to operate consistently under peak loads. The QA team will also make sure the potential release version meets all the functional and performance requirements before certifying the particular release.

The risks of releasing a new version without testing is greater than ever before because of the change in expectations and demands of the end user. Also, web applications have thousands of users when compared to a typical enterprise application. This means that even a few hours of downtime can result in lost revenue and ultimately the loss of customers.

Our independent testing facility is manned by Test Engineers with 5+ years of experience and our team uses efficient and state-of-the-art defect management tools. Our services include

  • Functional and regression testing - The objective of functional and regression testing is to ensure that the product remains functional across previous versions and it also verifies that the changes introduced during the new release have not introduced any bugs
  • User Acceptance testing (UAT) - UAT certifies the system against defined user acceptance criteria. This could be a combination of functional testing, system testing and performance testing.
  • Load and stress testing - Load testing verifies the load, volume and throughput of the application as defined by requirements or by pre-defined benchmarks. Stress Testing tests the system’s response at unusually high or peak loads beyond normal usage patterns.
  • Usability Testing - Usability Testing is performed to check user friendliness and intuitiveness of the application.


We use tools such as QTP, JMeter, WebLOAD, TestLink, Load Runner, Win Runner and Selenium.

We also offer a package for testing that includes access to issue management software (cloud-hosted) such as JIRA which enables the stakeholders to get a hawk-eye view of the product and the roadmap.

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