Ram Govind

The Circus Manager

Driven by a visceral "hard-wired" need to strategize, to innovate, and to disprove the words "It can't be done!"

Jagadeesh VN

The Lion in the Stable

He says he hates to think about technology but his better half complains that his gift for her ALWAYS turns out to be same "RUBY" necklaces :) (That's a joke for our nerds out there!)


The Number Cruncher

If not found sleeping, you can find JK in front of his favorite Excel ROI spreadsheet :)

Sanjith KrishnaKumar.

The Day and Night Watchman

We also call KK our Delivery Guy. When does this man EVER stop delivering!

Karthik Sundarajoo

The living LINKEDIN

He is so networked that only place where you wont be able to find his contacts would be Antarctica ;).He believes best business deals always starts over a beer :)

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