Mobile application development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Devices are becoming an extension of the individual and emerging to be the personal media, business accessory, communication channel, utility and entertainment device. The arrival of the Smartphone has resulted in widespread availability of a variety of new technologies that further enhances the utility of mobile phones. Access to information and data anywhere, anytime provides unprecedented levels of freedom and this is becoming increasingly critical to every online business.

Every business in the cloud will need a mobile application by 2013 and XMinds with experience in mobile application development will help you 'push the envelope' for your technological advancement. XMinds, being at the forefront of emerging technology adoption formed a talented pool of highly skilled engineers to build leading apps within tight launch windows. We have assisted nearly 30 partners harness the potential of mobile technology by choosing the ideal framework for platform portability without sacrificing features such as accelerometer, geo-location and camera. Our team well versed in iOS and Android SDK have worked on various mobile applications, which are available for download in the Apple Store and the Android Marketplace.

Why choose XMinds for Mobile Solutions?

  • Uses robust IDE's to speed up programming
  • Skilled engineers in mobile technologies such as Android and iPhone
  • Specific UI design expertise for small screens
  • Offers innovative data handling techniques given limited device capability
  • Has extensive mobile applications implementation experience
  • Engineers skilled in performance benchmarking tools

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