iOS (iPhone & iPad) Application Development

iOS (iPhone & iPad)  Applications

iOS is the fastest growing mobile platform in the market today and it has changed the outlook of mobility, accessibility and computing. With the launch of the new iOS 5, more and more businesses are extending their platforms to smartphones leveraging the features and flexibility of iOS platform. iOS has always offered business stakeholders several new and innovative features for creating next generation mobile applications and Siri, which was introduced in iOS 5 has the potential to radically impart the way we interact with technology.

We believe that the key to success in the mobile industry is creating intuitive user experiences that meet the specific lifestyle needs of the targeted end user, while supporting technological and economical challenges. Every design element created by us employs a user-centric design approach that includes research and usability testing cycles in the mobile app authoring process. Our savant engineers with a penchant for innovation have expertise in Cocoa/Objective C, iOS SDK and frameworks like Cocos2D, Sparrow, Unity 3D and SIO2.

Our iOS technology expertise include

  • UX Design and event controls using Cocoa development API’s
  • Multithreaded programming for iOS platform
  • Media support via OpenAL, Open GL ES and other tools
  • 2D & 3D graphics enabled UI
  • Seamless integration with backend system
  • Awareness of Apple Human Interface guidelines


With comprehensive experience in developing iOS applications, our team has the right attitude for developing for the iOS platform and we also offer services such as porting iPhone apps to iPad, UX design based on Apple guidelines and creating iOS enabled web applications.

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