Web Application Development

XMinds has worked with 200 businesses (and counting) in the past 12 years and we offer our experience with the best expert talent pool in the industry to fulfill all your application development needs. Our team of technology architects, technical consultants and engineers is at your disposal to assist you in providing you with top-quality and reliable application development services. XMinds deploys best practices, proven development methodologies and time-tested optimum delivery models for developing and building applications on a fixed time, fixed cost basis.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Devices are becoming an extension of the individual and emerging to be personal media, business accessory, communication, utility and entertainment devices. The arrival of the Smartphone has resulted in widespread availability of a variety of new technologies that further enhance the utility of mobiles. Every business in the cloud now needs a mobile application and XMinds with experience in mobile application development will help you 'push the envelope' for your technological advancement.

Software Testing Services/ QA Analysis

The Quality Assurance team is there to systematically check whether a product is meeting specified requirements. QA can increase customer confidence and a company's credibility, and enable a company to better compete with others.  Every application comes with its share of bugs which can only be identified by proper testing. These applications operate in a dynamic environment with rapid release cycle modes. This is where software testing comes into play ensuring that the application is reliable and able to operate consistently under peak loads

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