Cross Platform Application Development

Cross Platform Applications

The availability of diverse powerful mobile devices in the marketplace poses a significant challenge for businesses wanting to create mobile applications to support mobility among their user base. Competing platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Bada and Windows phone requires different sets of tools and programming skills to build applications on it. Business stakeholders would love their mobile application to support all these platforms however adding support to a new platform results increased cost and adds to the complexity of maintenance and deployment in the long run.

With the advent of HTML5, it's now possible to make a single cross-platform app that works well on most of the devices and platforms. This makes it cheaper to develop and maintain just one version of the application, which will eventually work on all the platforms leaving more money to spend on marketing, promotion and updates. From a pure user-reach perspective, it's a win as it allows access to majority of smartphone users. Plus, it's quicker to build compared to native applications.

XMinds helps you create cross-platform mobile applications using tools such as

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